Monday, August 16, 2010

Music Video of The Week

Introducing Lord of Ramadhan by CoTu. From what I found on the net which is not much really, it's a group made up of musicians from Turkey and Germany. What makes the song so enjoyable is the rapping part and the soothing voice of the singers. It is not fully sung in English, a bit in Turkish, German and Arabic, according to this site.

My first time watching this I was like, WOW!! The music is soothing, nice and of course, so full of joy. Who wouldn't, when Ramadhan is here! =)
Thanks to Kak Minci for this MV. Though I'm not sure if she still blogs. It's been ages since I went to her blog. I hope she's doing fine =)

Enjoy the MV, and don't forget to make full use of this Ramadhan, fellow Muslims.


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