Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Oh Yeah Oh Yeah Hey~ You Are The One Malaysia~ =P

I haven't been watching much and kept myself up-to-date as well. But I do know about the coming major event this year - the World Championship in Paris. But of course, there is also the Youth Olympic Games going on in Singapore and though I don't know the young shuttlers playing for Malaysia, I wish them all the best to do Malaysia proud. =)

Oh, back to the World Championship. Seems like there is a bit of controversy going on because head coach, Misbun Sidek and World's No.1 Lee Chong Wei are not joining the squad to practice at the facilities in University of Bath in UK. I thought it's all good since he's the head coach in charge of our ace and knows what he's doing, probably has some special training menu dished out for LCW. But it seems, the National Sports Council (MSN in Malay) was taken aback with what Misbun has done though I read they granted him his request to stay in Malaysia so that he can be close to his sick wife, and that he can push Chong Wei to his best form for the World Championship.
They got this impression that everyone in the coaching department and the players were okay with the idea of training at the University of Bath instead of just training at home as they did brief all the personnels involved. I guess, a change is something people dread to see, for fear that it might make things worse, not better. But I'm sure NSI, BAM and other concerned organisations understand that Rome wasn't built in one day.

On the other hand, Coach Rexy couldn't make it to the training camp in Bath because of visa problem (WTH right?) so he's just going to meet his players in Paris. I wonder if he skype with his the doubles players...hahahah so funny.. Sorry, my imagination running wild. =P

Anyway, back to the World Championship. I do hope, really really really hope, LCW or any Malaysian players can end the spell dry for Malaysia since no Malaysian has ever won a gold medal in this World Championship. I remember Lee Chong Wei was beaten by Ronald Susilo twice (twice for God's sake!) in two World Championships, back to back. Correct me if I'm wrong, but yeah, that was quite a blow for me to take. I was depressed for days..sheeshh..

So, starting from 23 August (it is on the 23rd right? been quite absent minded recently =__=) let's work hard Malaysia!! XD YEAY!! MALAYSIA BOLEH!

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