Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I read my cousin, Kak Ja's blog yesterday, and read her story of what happened in her class. She's a secondary school Math teacher. So yeah, we all know generally Math teachers are strict and scary LOL. But reading her story, I think she was being nice, it's Ramadhan afterall. Maybe you guys should go and have a read on her story here.

This is the photo for English Language Society (ELS). I bet you guys can spot me. Hahah

I have a fair bit of story to share when it comes to this kind of incident. I know I wasn't the best mannered student in school last time, but I still know the line. Though there was this one time when I was caught not paying attention during Biology class. Cikgu Zainuddin, my class biology teacher was discussing the test papers we just got back from him. I was sitting at the front row somemore but at one point during the class, I looked at my friends at the back, and was playing around. Well, that was stupid and rude considering the teacher was talking in front of the class! So Cikgu Zainuddin, caught me red handed looked me in the eyes, and said, that's it for today, you guys can do whatever you want. And he left the class. I was like, OH MY GOD! WHAT HAVE I DONE!? But I kept telling myself, hey the class is boring and stuff. But at the same time deep down, I knew I was wrong. It took me until few days before SPM to go see him and say sorry for what I did.

Biology wasn't my favourite subject in school, but I know it was no excuse to behave like that to the teacher. For that I was and still am sorry. Still, it's good that I know that I was at wrong, and didn't ask my fellow classmates to enjoy and party because the teacher left the class early. Kak Ja's student really went overboard. I hope that she will stay strong being a teacher. It is no easy job, that's for sure.

I pray that, Cikgu Zainuddin who passed away few years back - may God bless his soul for all the years he thought me and my friends. Thank you for not giving up on us. Al-Fatihah~

p/s: hmm..for a school prefect to behave like that, now I feel embarrassed for what I did back then. sheeshh..


JaJa'Z said...

so lucky him...danial bleh gak dtg mintak maaf sebab rasa bersalah kan..and today that boy ponteng kelas akak...i said to the rest of the students..kalau dah rasa hidup baru 16 thn dan berperangai mcm tu boleh menjamin berjaya dalam hidup, go on...cikgu dah malas nak amik tau lah..bebudak tu tak tau yg diaorang still belajar dengan akak till form 5..biar diaorang rasa..nak tunjuk besaq kaplaaa sangatttt

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

harapnya, jangan bila dah keluar sekolah masih sama. besar kepala begitu jugak. bila di luar, baru tahu langit tu tinggi ke rendah..
sabor ye kak ja =)

JaJa'Z said...

u know what Dan..bebudak ni just besar kepala dalam Lepar ni jek..bila bawak bebudak ni xtvt luar sek and libatkan sekolah2 lain..they just like anak ayam yang takut kena makan musang...kecik2 jek kepala masing2...sebab ramai lagi orang lain yg better than them..'hanya sekadar jaguh kampung!'

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

sheeshh..teringat masa di hostel, senior2 yang ganas tiba2 kecut bila jumpe budak2 sekolah teknik..hahha


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