Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mak YouTube

You guys still remember Mohd Khairuddin's Mom who uploaded 3 videos dedicated to her son and let the whole world watch those? She is also known as Mak YouTube!! Hahaha! Some people say it's for hari raya. But now, we all know what all the videos are about.

So, Mohd Khairuddin is using Alliance You:nique Prepaid Card eh?

Check out and you will find out that it's all part of Alliance Bank's new prepaid card - You:nique Prepaid Card. Oh, I'm keen to take part in the contest but I can't really remember any Embarrassing Mum story. Hmm.

Yeah, Mohd Khairuddin also made a video for his mom too.

And I thought it was for hari raya too... =P But the prepaid card sounds good, almost like debit card only that it doesn't use up the money from your bank account, but the money you top up. Do you guys think it's cool or not?


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