Monday, August 23, 2010

Liverpool vs Manchester City

Oh..this is gonna be ugly...or not. =P

One thing for sure, after grabbing one point from the opening match, both teams surely want to do better than last week to collect three points. Now..where will the match be played...oh okay, at Eastland not Anfield. Hmm now, what am I expecting here?

A win, 1-0 win. Why? Because Liverpool won few days ago in Europa Championship (though it's just a qualifying round) with most of the first line-ups on the bench. Will we get to see Joe Cole at his best tonight? Let's hope so.

Sorry but tonight I can't walk with you throughout the match. Have to sleep. =P

p/s: I know that Mancini got a new player from Inter Milan. The huge built Italian seems like a threat.. young some more...can Torres perform tonite? Or is he still recovering???? =/


die already...beaten kaw-kaw 3-0..damn.. =__= what a great start for today...


aiwei said...

are u studying in uk?

I am studying in birmingham!!*high 5*

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

*high 5*
haha nope. i finished my study already. last time i studied in Melbourne, Australia. To be exact, in this place 2 hours train ride from Melbourne, called Gippsland. =P


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