Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Liverpool 0-3 Manchester City

I thought of waiting for the video of the goals from the match to be available on youtube but only got full highlights and I don't want that, since that would be too long to watch. This morning I got to watch the third goal scored by Teves from the spot in Football Today. Liverpool got a couple of chances, Torres did look like he's recovering well, and I hope we will get to see him at his best next match. Let's hope so.

Seems that Mascherano's absence was really felt. He's a defensive midfielder, supporting Gerrard on the pitch, sometimes he goes forward as well to help the offense. Not to mention he's really physical and aggresive. Whenever I watch any Liverpool's match, I always close my eyes when he goes in for the challenge. Seriously, he could have got a lot of red cards.

I didn't know that Mascherano was absent because he got another offer from Barcelona?! I thought he wasn't feeling well before the match. Turned out he bailed out last minute before the match against Manchester City, ruining Hodgson's 4-5-1 plan that had Mascherano in the middle. No wonder Lucas was like totally lost, scrambling around. I remember seeing another fellow Liverpool fan's blog naming Lucas as the worst player in that match.

The reason why he left the match at the last minute because he said he already played his last game with the Reds, and want to play for the Catalan side, Barcelona. I know that if Barcelona want a player, they will use big money. Not small. Liverpool won't stand a chance if that were to happen. Well, probably is happening as we speak. =/

Money and fame can be the driving factors for his desire to move out from Anfield to Spain. I remember he once said that his family doesn't really like the weather there in England. That could be another reason too. But I thought he already signed a new contract with the club?

Though I do feel a bit down with all these news, I laughed hard when I read this -

Hodgson: OK, here's the lineup, boys. Pepe and the back line stay the same as the Arsenal match. In the middle we'll have Steven, Javier-

Mascherano: Nope. I'm not playing.

Hodgson: Pardon?

Mascherano: I'm not playing. I'm on strike.

Hodgson: And what exactly does that mean, Javier?

Mascherano: It means I'm not doing anything until you sell me to Barcelona.

Babel: Me, too! I'm not doing anything until you sell me to Barcelona, either!

Hodgson: Nobody cares, Ryan. So, what, you're not going to partake in any team activities until you get what you want, Javier?

Mascherano: Right. And I'm not doing anything else, either. I'm totally on strike. I'm not even going to breathe until you sell me.

Hodgson: Oh, come now, Javier. That's being a bit over-dramatic, don't you think?

[Mascherano starts holding his breath]

Hodgson: You're being ridiculous, Javier.

Babel: LOL, I'm telling this story on Twitter and it's taking all day.

Hodgson: Nobody cares, Ryan!

[Mascherano begins to turn purple]

Hodgson: OK, Javier, you're proved your point. You can stop now. You're out of the lineup, but I am not promising a move to Barca.

Torres: He doesn't look right, boss.

Hodgson: Oh, let him keep it up. He can't do it forever. Barcelona won't sign a dead man.

Mascherano: Pep could heal me!

Hodgson: I thought you weren't breathing?

Mascherano: I'm taking a break!

Babel: LOL, you guys, check out this awful music video that I paid for.

Hodgson: I don't think I want this job anymore.

[Mascherano holds his breath again, passes out, Babel raps]

Taken from Yahoo! Sports
Now, imagine if that really did happen in the dressing room!

p/s: Lee Chong Wei is up against Hafiz Hashim!! OMG. Though everyone kinda expect to see Hafiz to give way to Chong Wei. So, LCW go win that Badminton World Championship!!!


mizz sue said...

xpandai sgt bab bola ni..hiihi

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

haha. saya tak main sangat bola. ikut perkembangan berita je la. tapi memang minat sangat kelab Liverpool ni. cik abang mizz sue ikut tak bola? hehe kena tau sikit2 ni.

Nana Eddy said...

thanks for the drop by :)
btw, on the note on ootball - I know little or nothing of it. but... that is one funny dialogue... lols

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

hahha thanks for visiting back. do come by more often ;)


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