Sunday, August 15, 2010


Wow~5 days eh, with no post at all. I have to admit I feel a bit a lazy and run out of things to talk about here. Should I keep posting about Keanu Reeves and Azita Osman, since these two 'keywords' have brought a lot of unique readers from as far as Brazil LOL.

Actually I got alot of things running in my head - kes buang bayi which happens almost everyday in Malaysia now, lessons learned from Ramadhan, the shooting incident in Lygon St., Melbourne and - I can't seem to recall another one. Hahaha =P

But hey, I haven't uploaded pics from my dad's birthday celebration. Maybe I will do that. 2 weeks after his birthday and only now the pics are up!

Well, maybe later. Ah, I just lost it. Or you can just say I'm lazy. By the way, I feel like being narcissistic instead of updating my blog so, what do you think of this picture? Don't I look like so cool? HHAHAHAAHAHAH!! perasang doh!!

Selamat Berbuka Puasa to those who are fasting today. Hahaha =P

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