Saturday, August 28, 2010

Almond Crisp And Biskut KokoCrunch???

I've been looking for recipes on the net for the past few days now that everyone is in the mood to make some kuih raya, biskut raya. Heh. Yesterday when we were in Kuantan, got a couple of baking stuffs - butters, caster sugars, icing sugars and some other things that I don't remember.
Oh, two boxes of cornflakes (or was it three?) Anyway, I'm sure we will be making it some time next week. Hehehe..

Last time when I was in Australia, I always went to or Auntie Liza's blog for recipes. Being away from home, and in a place not so Asian, I always chose the one that is easy and needs not that many ingredients.

Anyway, at, there is this one user, Kak Fida, who is so active in sharing new recipes and I kinda like those recipes she shares. Not that complicated, and the ingredients are not the rare one as you can still get the ingredients listed from the supermarket in Australia.

So just now I checked, and found a couple more recipes from her which are easy to follow.

Resipi Biskut Almond Crisp

These are biskut almond crisp!

If you would like to try, click on the picture. =)

And she's pretty creative too, always try something new, like this one here.

Resipi Biskut KokoCrunch

I bet kids will love these cookies.

Wanna have a look at the recipe? Click on the picture again. hehehehe

I'm definitely gonna ask my mom to try the Biskut KokoCrunch. Good luck baking those biskut raya! =)


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