Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Abah

Making teh tarik when he was in the States for work. The mat-mat salleh were kinda impressed. Hahaha

Today is Abah's 49th birthday. Yeah, my dad is still young. A lot of my friends are surprised when I tell them my dad's age. They were expecting somewhere in between 55-60 since I'm turning 23 this year.

Anyway, I wish Abah Happy Birthday, may Allah bless him always, with wealth, loving family (us? hahaha) and good health. Though he's been a smoker since god knows when, he still looks the same and doesn't seem to be having any serious illness which is good. Heh. Oh, and hopefully Abah will quit smoking. Hahaha!

Raya tahun berapa entah...

February 2007, before I left for my first year in Gippsland.

Last year in Traralgon.


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