Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Funny Lah, Us Malaysians!

Meant to post this last night but too busy editing my resume. Anyway, I saw my cousins 'Like'd this page "Nor Azita Osman Hina Johor.banned Dia" and it caught my attention, I got distracted from my resume and viewed the page.
So, it's another hate page, only this time, the girl (or woman?) got this kind of attention because of her status -

Yep, this one.

I'm pretty sure she didn't see this coming. Being a hate target of Johoreans.

And she had already apologised and the facebook page has been closed down. Good ending. So, what did you learn from this?

Check who are your friends in your friends list! Hahaha.. why? You'll get there.

I understand if any Johoreans out there are feeling so offended that they just lost their rational minds to think straight and just started cursing, using profanity to express their angers at this woman (let's stick with woman).

Surely she went overboard if she was just joking. But, if you think about it, she wouldn't get the attention if her fb status was not made unknown to others. In other words, if she had set her profile to be private; can only be viewed by friends only, or if the people in her friends list, are really her friends. Meaning, those whom she knows personally, has met face to face - not from blogging, chatting, or from facebook itself.

You see, her friends, or anyone who has met this Azita personally might have known a few things about her - her obsession over Famos Amos. Instead of using 'hina' she should have made a better choice of word. Hahaha. Really. Seriously. Then, the attention she got wouldn't be this big.
Her real friends would understand her sentiments because there is no Famos Amos in Johor.

And another thing, she should have restricted her facebook profile to friends only. I reckon it can be viewed by friends of friends or perhaps even complete strangers. Heh.

Still, it was pretty harsh, to degrade Johor that low just because of Famos Amos.

The people from east coast of Semenanjung and the east Malaysians have suffered far worse than 'Johor hina sebab takde Famos Amos'. People make fun of the Malay accents, the slow modernisation - no big shopping mall in Terengganu except for Mydin near the Pasar Payang, Pasar Payang, Pasaraya Salwa LOL, Emporium Hock Kee Seng. And no cinema. Those cocky city boys who came down to Terengganu would be complaining "Low class aa Terengganu takde ni takde tu." Oh, I wasn't angry. I was just mad and pissed off beyond words. =P

But you see, it's no use getting all worked up over this. Wasting your energy. And in Azita's case, every Johorean who snapped and let themselves be emotional over this, using foul language cursing this woman on Facebook, they wasted their times, and showed how short fused they are. You see, I believe a person should never be rude, using abusive words just because the other person did that to them.

Don't sink too low. Jangan emosi.

p/s: She got a point there really no Famos Amos in Johor? How come?



mizz sue said...

xpasal2 dia glamer kan...ishh ishh..hihi

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

hahaha agak ah. kalau sapa giler glamour, buat la macam dia. tak pon macam budak yang kutuk allahyarham din beramboi tu. yang budak tu konfem gile glamor. =P

.fatin nabila. said...

siyes jb xde famous amos ? eh, cam xcaye..

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

ha'ah, cam tak caya pon ada. ada je kot. tapi tak terjumpe.kot? orang johor dok sebok marah2, entah2 ada tapi diorang tak tercakap, dok sebok marah.

wAt| said...

actually, jhr ada famous amos kiosk yg baru kuar dr oven idaman kalbu wanita tu... cuma, jauh dr tpt tinggal wanita tu je kot. tp, kalau nak yg dlm pek, bersepah2... tu agaknya wanita tu tak lalu nak mkn kot.
ntah la... hati manusia kita xtau. tp, rsnya org jhr bkn mrh sbb dia hina jhr krn xde famous amos je tuh... tp, sbb dia mempermainkan tunku aminah iaitu kerabat sultan jhr. itu la yg jd isu skrg... anyway, tu hanya pdgan sy dr apa yg sy perhatikan... tp, ntah betul atau x, sy x berani jamin. kalau silap, maafkan sy. sy juga xlarik melakukan kesilapan.

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

oh, begitu. hahaha kenapa nak mintak maaf, bukan ada terkasar bahasa atau 'ter'mencarut. selagi adab dijaga, usah rasa takut melontar pendapat.

terima kasih sudi memberi komen. =)


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