Thursday, August 19, 2010

Everything Can Do Online What

Few days ago, there was this question posted up.

Adakah Malaysia memerlukan industri pornografi untuk melonjakkan ekonomi?

My answer was a no. Heck, like having the biggest casino in South East Asia (or perhaps the second biggest since the new one in Singapore has been opened?) is not enough. Well, the guy who asked this question added -

sebagaimana yg kita lihat di Amerika , keuntungan dari produksi pornografi dianggarkan berjumlah $20 juta setahun . maka , berlumba-luma pihak media di Barat menampilkan kandungan pornografi dalam media massa atau cetakan bergambar , meskipun melanggar norma masyarakat setempat . persoalannya , adakah Malaysia memerlukan cara sebegini utk mengaut keuntungan ? wajarkah pornografi dihalalkan di Malaysia ?

And in my answer I mentioned that, now in US, online dating has taken over porn as the online dating industry is even bigger than porn itself. And the key players in porn industry putting the blame on online dating for the recent loss they experienced recently.

Take a look at this chart for some quick facts on online dating.
Source [] and [ComputerWorld]

I'm pretty sure you guys have seen a lot of Muslim online dating sites as well. From the online banners, ads. And if you know and have been following UmmahFilms and Baba Ali, you sure know of this new and totally different than typical matchmaking sites I like how Baba Ali stands by his principles not to set up fake profiles to tempt people into joining because by doing that he is actually not being truthful, deceiving people of their money. I don't think I will do the matchmaking site justice if I talk about it, so watch the video below.

I do think that there should be a Muslim matchmaking site like here in Malaysia. For starter, this site is for serious Muslims who wanna get married and are ready for marriage lives. Not for those who still wanna play around and be the heart breaker. But is there any Muslim matchmaking site here in Malaysia? The only matchmaking site I know used widely by Malaysians, Muslims included is FACEBOOK.COM!


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