Wednesday, August 18, 2010

AA Battery..You Don't Know What It Is??

Woo..just watched the Semi Final Badminton Men's Singles between Malaysian Loh and a Thailand player. Loh played really well in the second set, before he got his right leg injured but he didn't give up that set. He forfeited the match during the interval of the rubber set trailing 3-10. He did good and needless to say I'm proud as a Malaysian. I hope he will make his own mark in the world stage in the future.

Okay, that's not what I wanna blog about tonight. But about AA batteries. You do know what are AA batteries, don't you? Come on! I know nowadays people don't walk around listening to walkmans which in the past when I was in secondary school, still cool and uses AA batteries, most of them. And I know, cameras now come with rechargeable lithium ion batteries. Well most of them I guess. Because mine which I bought in 2007 at Morwell's DickSmith uses AA batteries!

You know a digicam uses AA batteries if it has that 'big belly' coming out.

When I cleaned up my room I found this ancient relic...

Grandcell Rechargeable Batteries and the Charger!!

I don't remember how many rechargeable batteries and normal batteries we have here in this house. Or how many did we buy just to replace the used, and the missing batteries. I remember the first time I had rechargeable batteries, those were for my mini racing cars. You do know or remember if you're born in the '80s... Tamiya? Auldey? Dash Yonkuro? LOL okay. Anyway, the batteries I used, were the Panasonic Rechargeable and if you ask me, I think they are the best looking batteries of all time. Got this dark blue, purple colours covering the battery. (Now just wait...was it Panasonic or Philips??) Used to have the charger but have no idea where has it gone to now..Those stuffs were expensive! Still are I reckon.
The new looks. [Panasonic Malaysia] and [Philips]

Now, where were we...Ahah! Yes, and then got Grandcell, which was a hit last time. Everywhere got advertisements - on TV, billboards. But they didn't last as long as Panasonic (or Philips). And after awhile, my mini racing cars were collecting dust..and eventually went missing..don't know how..maybe got abducted by the aliens. =__= I was so sad actually..those cars cost a lot of money and time too. *sigh* =P

But when my dad bought a digicam which was at the time freaking expensive, for a 4MP camera, he bought this -

It was great. At least for a couple of years when one day, we found out the batteries melted and somehow corroded the metal part of the battery compartment and since then the camera doesn't function normally. Oh, it was a Kodak digicam in case you were wondering.

Rechargeable batteries seem troublesome I guess, when nowadays you can just charge your iPod on your computer. Well, I believe you still plug digicam battery at power points. But I came across this USBCell. Rechargeable batteries that can be charged on your computer!

Cool, no? So, open the cap, and plug the battery in your USB port, be it on the computer, laptop, game station like Xbox 360 and PS3, and can also be used with other rechargeable battery stations. But need to check at the website if it's compatible or not.

Now that everyone is trying to live green, USBCell will surely get to attract a lot of buyers. Plus with these cute singing bunnies in this ad, parents will have hard times dealing with their children asking them to buy the batteries.

It's one funny and creative ad. And bunnies with rabies - not cool and I'm kinda scared of them.. =P
From what I read on the website the batteries can be delivered to Malaysia. Check out the site for more details if you're interested. I certainly am going to grab one of these - when I get a job. Wish me luck!


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