Monday, July 19, 2010

You Got Talent Or Not?

When I was in Standard 4, I tried out to be the lead singer of the nasyid group in my school. Few of my friends came to me afterwards and said I have great voice. hehehee

Years after that, in a boarding school in Kuala Terengganu I found myself singing songs, mostly Too Phat's, Linkin Park's and LimpBizkit's in the toilet, only. If I were to sing those songs outside in the dorm, I'm pretty sure my dormmates would all die horrible deaths LOL.

Yes, it made me wonder how come such thing happen? And then when I learned that boys hit puberty and stuff, I could accept it, a bit. Heh. But then in secondary school, form 1, I discovered I no longer can draw nicely like how I used to in primary school. I remember drawing portraits of Batman & Robin, Malaysia PM then Dr. Mahathir, and even my dad. Give me a drawing pencil now, you can see I'm struggling to draw a straight line! Okay, that's not true. =P

Now, I don't think my transformation from a boy to a teenager that grew some hair at some places have anything to do with my inability to score at least a C in my Pendidikan Seni. I failed for 3 straight years for God's sake. I don't know if I should be embarassed or laughing at that =_="

Even though I know I probably have no talent in singing, I thought maybe I should learn playing some musical instruments. But secondary school in Malaysia is almost like high school in US. There's a class system. Guys who play musical instruments, in the school's brass band or orchestra were deemed to be not man enough. Sheeesh. Me falling under the pressure of course didn't get to learn music and stuff. Besides if I learn music, I couldn't join Scout which contributed a lot to my high school life. Heh.

So 6 years after leaving my alma mater, now here I am in my room, feeling like being burned alive =P, learning how to play guitar online, with the help of YouTubers LOL. So far, it's great apart from my index, middle and ring fingers that always aching after every lesson.

The girlfriend berangan I will serenade her once I can play but I wish that won't happen because I don't wanna put her to a deep eternal sleep LOL. Too much time, that's why learning to play guitar is one of the new things I've been doing so far.


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