Sunday, July 4, 2010

Why It Happened?

By 'it' I'm referring to the Argentine's defeat to the Germans. I could still accept it if it was a 0-1,1-2,1-3, or even 1-4 defeats. But 0-4? That's too much man.

None of the teams I supported in this World Cup campaign lived up to my expectations. I was expecting to see South Korea and Japan in Quarter Finals, a classic Brazil vs Argentina final. I guess missing too much of football in Australia has made me a guy whose football predictions just getting worse LOL whatever dude.

After chatting with the girlfriend for awhile, I finally got over my disappointment and managed to think of few possible reasons explaining the South American team's poor performance.

Reason 1 - Klose's consistent performance.
See, this guy has been scoring goals in World Cups since the demolition of Saudi Arabia's 8-0 defeat. He was 24 back then, and now he's 32 (is it?) he still scores. Besides the Brazilian Ronaldo, I don't think there is another player out there who has been scoring goals in every World Cup tournament the player has taken part.
Klose needs one more goal to match Ronaldo's 15 goals. But the striker said, winning the World Cup comes first. But he should be able to score just one measly goal should Germany win the World Cup. =P
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Reason 2 - Change in German youth football program.
When Germany realised that they were not achieving a lot since 1990 World Cup, they have been making changes, revamping their youth football development. Seems to me and a lot of people, their efforts paid off. Though from what I read, the inclusion of young players in the Germany squad was a decision made since the regulars are injured (and old? =P) but the young players show their qualities despite not having any experience in World Cup.
I think Malaysia also have been focusing a lot on young talents. This is good. Young talents should be groomed and trained, and follow ups must be carried out to ensure these young talents stay motivated and skillful at the same time.

Mesut Ozil 21 years old, Shcwei-susah-nak-eja 25 years old, Mueller 20 years old. And some other. But these three players have been superb and annoying so far =P
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It's not impossible to see Malaysia rise back like old time. If South Korea and Japan can do it, why not us? Lika Abang Nara said Malaysia used to kick South Korea's butts. So why can't we do it again? hehehe

Reason 3 - Brazil out of the competition LOL =P
Being rivals since long time ago, the news might be a bit shocking to the Argentines. Everyone was saying how Brazil will meet Argentina in the final. So seeing Brazil out of the campaign, Argentina might be feeling less motivated LOL


Reason 4 - Even the Argentina players don't want to see Maradona running naked.
Hahaha I believe a lot of people think this as one of the reasons why they played poorly last night. Though some say Messi was down with fever? Anyway, I'm sure nobody wants to see Maradona running naked if Argentina win the World Cup. And since they already in quarter final and Brazil were also knocked out, might as well make it double exit. =P The Argentines can take another 4 years I guess as long as Maradona's naked run won't come true.



k0k s3n w4i said...

maybe the argentinian team really, really, really do not want to see maradona naked.

kenwooi said...

woots germany! =D

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

k0k s3n w4i, i guess that must be the case really..

kenwooi, fan of germany? GRRR!! =P


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