Sunday, July 11, 2010


I'm pretty sure for those out there who are in the same situation as me, are getting bored often. So, here I am being the nice guy, want to help those who are bored to death by suggesting some websites you can visit if you refuse to budge away from your laptop.

1. How-to-keep-you-busy website.

The first step - press the button

This website was set up with the aim of keeping a person busy and occupied because as we all know, human beings are creatures full of curiosity and eagerness to get something elusive.So hit up the link here - Keeping You Busy

2. Barcode-yourself website.

Now, because human being is full of curiosity, might as well check out what is your barcode. Yes, your own barcode as if you are one of the many items in the supermarket that have barcodes that can be scanned at the cashiers.
[Barcode Yourself]

3.Just go play games

There are many websites that offer a lot of free games to be played. Of course flash games. Hahaha. You can go to or, they got lots of free games. I always frequent bubblebox, all thanks to my lil bro Hafiz. At 7 years of age he knows where and how to find those games.

The games I have played so far. So fun! Hahaha =P If only the connection is a bit faster.

4. Go "stumbling" via Stumble!

What happens is, you just get the Stumble! toolbar installed, click "Stumble!"

These are the sites I've discovered while stumbling LOL. Really fun. I tried baking because of the recipes found here too. Hehehe...

5. Just Facebook!

Everyone has facebook nowadays. My mom has one, my dad has one. The only one in family who doesn't have it is Hafiz the lil bro. Still early for him. Haha.

Yeah Facebook. It's the in-thing now. Everyone plays Mafia Wars, FarmVille, Restaurant City, Cafe World and a lot of other craps games like Word Challenge, Puzzle Spot. =P Now, I got myself addicted to Fifa Superstars. hehehe..

Here on facebook, you can keep yourself up to date with whatever happening around you (I call it stalking LOL), or get around with the many applications, games, quizzes, videos and links posted up by friends. It's amazing how facebook has been an impact in our lives. Millions of dollars had been successfully raised for Haiti thanks to campaigns on Facebook, and twitter.

So, if you are lazy to go to the sites I mentioned previously, just Facebook!

If you don't want to spam your friends' walls with your games notifications, you can always customize who can see those notifications. The way I do it, I made friends lists; Mafia Wars, Fifa Superstars, and whenever I want to share rewards or news I will make sure only friends on those lists will see it. That way, you won't be bothering others who don't play the games. Facebook for dummies. =P


p/s: learning a lot of new stuffs now. Using my laptop and internet of course. Hehe.

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