Saturday, July 31, 2010

That Thing You Do With A Bunch Of Papers Compiled Together

I don't remember when did I start reading but I sure remember reading a lot of comics than books with no pictures, drawings, or any kind of visual aids. Oh, apart from the books for kids which my mom bought for me when I was in kindergarten.

During my time in primary school, I read a lot of books that use B.M. I got this collection of 5 Sekawan but now only got 1 book left out of 12? 15? And when I was doing my foundation I started to pick up reading English materials. Not too serious stuff, not too thick unless it's a biography of famous personalities. My favourite of all - Russell Lee's True Singapore Ghost Stories and I have 18 of them.

Some of the books displayed. Most are kept in the cupboard.

As I mentioned earlier, I read more comics than books in my childood. Hahaha. Comic is the best! =P When I got back home a month ago, I decided to clean up the room and change some stuff. So, I took out all the comics in the cupboard and sorted out the comics that gonna stay and leave the house for good. Haha

Just some of those comics me and my bro bought when we were in school.

The final result. Threw some away because too old and got missing pages too.

There are Gempak, Kreko, also known as Komik Remaja, Wira Tunggal, Pendekar Laut, Senjata Misteri, KAWAN (hahaha!!) Dragon Balls (but many are missing...maybe I lost them in hostel) hmmm...and some other comics.
I remember reading comic as early as 7 years old at my cousin's place. At the time my family just moved to Penang from Kuching after my dad resigned from TUDM. I went to my cousin's place which isn't too far from my grandmother's house. I still remember, it was Alam Perwira that I read, the main character Ji Fat but I don't remember the heroins. Too pure and innocent hahaah! Ji Fat and his "Tendangan Api Syurga Meragut Lalang" really got me there. From there I learned quite a fair bit of new Malay words.

And looking at the comics we all have now, I think me and my bro spent almost RM1000 on comics! O__O

I guess at least my parents were grateful that me and my bro, we read comics. LOL Because now, with internet and stuff, my other brothers, they don't really read. Only read textbooks hahaha! =P

I really believe reading is a good habit and children should be encouraged to pick up the good habit. So, to get my little bro interested in reading, I've been reading some books lately. One of the books - Making Sense of Money. Hahaha, I need to learn how to be efficient with the money I get from my work. Sometimes I read the old comics and try to get him interested with it. Heh.

So, how is it at your side? Do you and your family members read?



Tupai Karan said...

aku prefer 3 penyiasat.. hoho.. and i'm also TSGS reader.. dulu kat skolah gila collect christopher pike ngan r.l. stine (fear street)..

byk koleksi hang.. leh wat harta pusaka.. haha

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

hahaha! komik boleh tahan. buku2 ilmiah ada berapa ja. ingat nak jugak beli stephen covey ka, karen armstrong ka, dll. tapi duit tadak.

selalu beli komik je time kat asrama dulu. yang lain baca kat library gitu2 la. hahah


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