Monday, July 12, 2010

That One Week Part 3

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream!

Since I don't have much time as I will be leaving for KL to send my bro off tomorrow at KLIA, I'm just gonna have these pics posted up first.



Man, I'm tired...but had a great time playing basketball though I don't know any of them LOL

Now moving on to part 3. It was hectic, my stay in Singapore. I met her cousins, another lunch with the family but this time with the eldest brother, and attending friends' wedding. Cool~ I got to see how they do it in Singapore. Not much different really.

Meeting the cousins was alright. It was good that they talked to me heh. I didn't know girls got this thing called 'interview' the friends'/cousins' other half. Lucky they didn't really drill me with super difficult questions.

The only guys at the meeting with the cousins.

And the eldest brother, I didn't get to see him when I first went there last year, only the second bro and the youngest bro. My first impression of the eldest bro when I first looked at the pic - scary. But turned out I was wrong. Because he last time studied in University of Queensland (my first choice!) so we had something to talk about; aussie footy, road trip, buddies. It was nice to finally see the bro hehehe all the worry for nothing. =P

And the kenduri, yeah. I helped out a bit, haha and got myself a free polo shirt =P. The girlfriend was excited as she never attended a friend's wedding, all along it was relatives' and her brothers'. I got to know these friends online but only got to meet them in person last December. The meeting then was full of surprise; me meeting the girlfriend's friends, their engagement, and wedding. And I was invited to come. In Singapore, the Malay wedding is not held on the road like how it is here in Malaysia where we can see the kenduri is held in front of the house, on the road, or if the house compound is big, then it will be held there. But in Singapore, people just have the persandingan under the flat or at community hall. I guess all these are kinda new to me, because I never really helped out before when my uncles and aunts got married; was just a kid running around the house with my other cousins. By the time I was at the age where I could help, I was in boarding school and didn't get breaks from school that often. So I can't really tell much the difference between the wedding in Malaysia and Singapore, apart from the venue. Hahaha. =P

The 1st day -akad nikah.

The convoy to the guy's side at this place called YuanShing?

The second day - persandingan at the guy's side (left) and at the girl's side (right).

I certainly enjoyed the foods!!

The wedding gift to the newly weds.

But it was a great trip down to Singapore. The girlfriend's family especially the parents were really nice and great with their hospitalities. Segan saya dibuatnya.. It was great to see the pengantin again, this time on their happiest day. =) I wish them bahagia sehingga ke anak cucu.

Thanks a lot for the hospitality. Singapore is indeed unique, just like its slogan, Uniquely Singapore. hehehe

On Monday the 28th June, I left Singapore for Larkin, and from Larkin terminal station to Kuantan, from Kuantan took a cab to Kerteh. Such an adventure....


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