Friday, July 2, 2010

That One Week Part 1 part 1 part 2? LOL

First of all, I wanna say sorry to my blog for abandoning it for 1 whole week. Truth is, I'm feeling a bit lazy to blog. Still exhausted from all the travelling really. And since I got home on Monday, I haven't been getting enough sleep. I sleep at 12 or 1 am, wake up at 6.50 am sharp. And haven't had my afternoon nap so far. Maybe that's why I am a bit tired...lethargic =P

Maybe before I go on with what happened in that 1 week I "disappeared" I should dedicate this part 1 post to my Gippsland family. Thanks people, I really miss y'all and Churchill too. When I have more time (and feeling less lazy =P) I will have one post on Churchill (and Gippsland for those wondering what the heck is Gippsland).

I had my first farewell dinner on Friday the 18th June at Pam's house. Pam as y'all know is my imoto. Hahaha. She always makes food, heaps of foods to feed the starving people of Gippsland hahaha. In my case, she goes to the extend of using certain cooking utensils just to make sure the food is halal. Tell me, why should I not love this cute imoto?? XD

From left clockwise Matt, Greenie, Nicholas, Fong Fah, Jeffrey, Charles, Jansen, me, Nadia, Xinyi, Pam and Chanting. Caryn took the picture =P

Knowing Pam, she would love to bake for every potluck dinner, birthday party, farewell party.

Sugit and Caryn came all the way from Melbourne. Man, I'm touched.

Godmother of Gippsland

After watching Ip Man 2. I watched it like 5 times already. My favourite is still the first one though. So brutal! =P Can't wait to watch Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa.

Sugit got to the dinner late since he got meeting. Did I tell you he is the President of Monash Uni Indonesian Students Association? And he went to Vancouver for the Youth G20 Summit? All of us are expecting him to be in Indonesian political arena in the future =D

Caryn looked more confident what not with her learning Japanese. Hahaha, I got another friend learning Japanese at least I can practice Japanese too =P
Thanks to Xinyi and Jansen for the farewell presents. Appreciate it. ;)

Oh and I was made to give some parting words LOL. It was pretty hard, and sad too. And being a guy who won't let tears be shown to others, I managed to suppress it by using almost the same words for everyone. Sorry guys, I believe "nice" and "awesome" are not the right adjectives to describe y'all and the time I had in Gippsland!

Sugit staying over at my place for the night. I told him to sleep on the bed since I wasn't gonna sleep because of World Cup. But he was so stubborn and insisted on sleeping on the floor. =S

The basketball guys arranged a last game for me on Sunday evening. Had a great time playing with almost everyone from the team. Later on, they bought pizza and just chilling out at Rec Hall. Since there were not that many who hadn't finished their exams, only 5 of us stayed and played some pools and ping pong. I called Ben Russell since he asked me earlier that day if I would like to try his Southern Indian foods. Apparently he learned quite a bit of Urdu and some other Indian languages apart from Malay and Indonesian. Had fun night messing around at Rec Hall hahaha XP

From left, Ash, Jack, Alfred, me, Jacky and Ben.

The SwitchBack Street Boys =P From left Andoc, Adib, Wandai, Rasyid, Nabil.

Not long after that, the bachelors asked me to come over for dinner. LOL more food?? We had late dinner at Kak Ja's house. I was already full but Kak Ja's spaghetti and pizza were too hard to resist.

Abang Akmal and Kak Ja.

Later that night, I decided to drop by at Semun's and the South people. So I thought might as well gave something to them but I didn't have anything that is suitable as parting gifts. LOL hence I baked apple cakes. At 12 am. LOL
Thank God they all are not the type of people that sleep early =P When the cake was ready I rushed to Semun's place first. That guy was studying so I guess it was good to give him something to keep them awake..I hope the cake didn't make them feel sleepy LOL

Semun and me. Although we both looked so tired, smile we must =P

Went over to South 1 where Greenie, Matt and Tony stay. They were smoking outside in the cold when I reached there. Was good to see Tony again. My badminton partner last year when we won the MRS badminton competition. =D
Passed them the cake I made though I felt a bit embarrassed since Tony is a better baker than me. Hahah. I still remember his strawberry cake for my birthday last year. That was the best!
Stayed there for a while because Tony and Greenie were debating about Singapore. Debate about politics, world and other stuffs which you can't really do openly in Malaysia is something that I miss being in South 1.

Tony and me. I wish you all the best in Australia mate! ;)

Matt, me and Greenie. Wishing both of them happiness forever! =D

Came morning, Pam made breakfast for me. So sweet of her eh? XD
Egg burritos I think? LOL and the french toast which I made for her the night before but she couldn't finish only that one piece??! =P and cereal drink.

Our last photo together.

It was sad leaving. Especially if you had been there for 3 years or more. And you made friends, some memories that can't really be forgotten just like that. I'm gonna miss Gippsland. And the people there, and the people who already left before I did.

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