Saturday, July 10, 2010

Song Of The Week Tokyo Jihen's Ekimae

I'm not really in the mood to blog. Been lazy. Hahaha, blame the internet connection and the food here. Back in Gippy, the connection was fast I didn't even have the time to pick my nose =P Okay..that's gross......

I came across this old video I posted last year. Got to know this band Tokyo Jihen from a friend, who is a die hard fan of Japanese rock bands. I thought let's give this a try. And yeah, this band is really2 unique and interesting. I guess I kinda fell in love with the vocalist's voice.

Tokyo Jihen's Ekimae.

The girlfriend listens to a lot of rock bands and of course unlike me who in high school listened to a lot of Too Phat =P. Well, we both like Backstreet Boys and KRU at some point in our lives LOL. Some of my friends back then listened to Slipknot, Limpbizkit, Paparoach, and this one band where all of them wear gas masks. I sometimes hanged out with them and listened to those songs too.

And it was last year when I listened back to all these songs me and my friends used to listen in high school, I was like, "OMG, did I really listen to these songs before?? So full of profanity". I shared that with my housemate then Chris, and he himself admitted that he also thought that he shouldn't have listened to such songs when he was in Year 9, 10?

Songs can really influence, give impacts to people. Especially the young ones. My brother, Hafiz, though he's all good thanks to my mom's strict teaching (was surprised to see him read Yassin, I don't remember reciting the verse when I was 7!) but he got few lines from songs that me and my bros listen to in his head. Though those aren't Slipknot's or some metal bands' songs, it's quite scary how fast he can pick things up. Watching him playing Counter Strike really amazes me; how fast his fingers moves, the way he moves the mouse. See, kids are like brand new sponges. They absorb things faster. Us old ones =P are worn out sponges absorb things too, just at a slower pace.

Back to what I was saying, about some bad songs I listened to. Yeah though me and my friends we didn't end up killing people or committing suicide SYUKUR but it makes me wonder if things like these are gonna be the norm in the future - songs like that being listened by kids. Hahaha, I'm one to talk.. =P


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