Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Some People Are Just

Hahaha I wanted to talk about flamer few days ago. But was sleepy so I thought maybe tomorrow..and as you can see only today I got myself to finish it!

I hate flamers. Full stop. Hmm but does hating flamers make me one? Oh, for those who have no idea what is a flamer, a flamer that I'm referring to is a person who are most of the time rude and have no manners on a message forum, message boards, comments. It can be on facebook, YouTube, online forum like lowyat or

According to Urban Dictionary
A person who, on a message forum of some type, attacks and flames other members of the forum for any of a number of reasons. A real Flamer usually attacks threads because he/she disagrees with the content of the thread or the lack thereof. The difference between a Flamer and somebody who merely disagrees is that a flamer is inappropriate in their responses.

A flamer is "inappropriate in their responses". Period.
I believe everyone can harbor different opinion and viewpoints, but not manners and courtesy. Kata orang Melayunya, adab la.

But being online people don't know who are you, how you look like, most people put on masks, acting differently than the way they always behave in the real world. I spend a lot of time at nowadays, no more lowyat, can't get myself to catch up with the pace man. Anyway, in, got a couple of time where some of the users just went amok, not happy with some users. Swearing, cursing, profanity are seen during that time of amok. Mengamuk abih aa.

From the time I spend there, I see only guys get so upset with other users and these guys who mengamuk, they were not being assaulted with abusive words, no. They usually got so pissed off at the so-called otai otai in

First of all, I don't remember seeing these so-called otai call themselves otai. For all we know, other users started calling them otai since they are so active at the site. And because they have been around longer than other people, it's common and I think really helpful of them to point out any mistakes done by new users like, asking the same questions over and over again (which might be unintentional) asking many different questions in a short time when the previous ones haven't been answered yet, and many more. I don't see the way they point out the mistakes rude. They've been careful with their choice of words because a flame war, is the last thing they want to see happening there in

Though I hate them, I don't go as low as them and start cursing, !@#$%^& nope. I don't. It only makes thing worse. Beat around the bush with some nice words. And then BANG! to the point. "I don't see them being rude in their comments", "aku tengok die cakap elok2 je dengan ko. ko tiba2 cakap pergi mampus. tak tau la kan kalau2 aku terlepas pandang ape2 ke, tolong la betulkan eh." These two are about the same lines I use in dealing with flamers. I don't know how good they are but at least I get to tell this people that they are being ridiculous and stupid...well, I don't really say that. I just give hint. hehehe =_="

But then, putting myself in their shoes, it could be that as we communicate online, with words typed rather than spoken, misunderstandings ought to happen. Especially if proper words, spellings are not used. In Bahasa Melayu of course. Even though other users say it is just a misunderstanding, very rare to see flamers back down. Probably because paiseh already, that's why. All hells break loose and they think they've been wronged, turned out it was just a misunderstanding. Aiyark!!

I have experienced being corrected by the otai-otai in forums, community sites. And I don't take it too hard. Of course, it sucks maybe because you feel so embarrassed, like being slapped in the face. But suck it up, and take it as learning experience. Heh.

Budi bahasa budaya kita. Is it not? =D


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