Monday, July 19, 2010

Oh Danial...

Salam and greetings~
As you can see, it's been a week since my last post. I can't explain why am I so lazy to update my blog regularly like when I was in Gippsland. In Gippsland, I had a lot of free time, so do I back home. What's happening really??!?!

Could it be the slow internet connection in Malaysia has hampered my daily blog posting? When I was there in Australia, I couldn't even bat an eyelash whenever I uploaded the pictures, play Mafia Wars. I thought that was fast. Turns out Australia is also one of the countries with bad, slow internet connection from what I heard which I find ridiculous because that will make Malaysia, what, one of the countries with super slow snail speed connection? Still I'm grateful that I have access to internet that enables me to check my emails, facebook, chatting..and a bit of blogging. =P

True story - I fell asleep while waiting for Pet Society to load... (not real pic) =P

Hey, could be the weather also? I checked my last posts, and discovered that I don't blog much in Malaysia, so I guess weather could be one of the reasons why I'm lazy to blog. It's humid, makes me lethargic, I find it so nice to sleep and laze around rather than sitting in front of my laptop in my room which is scorching hot whenever the sun is setting down... Like sauna. But I kinda like it in a way because I sweat a lot LOL

Varun (left), Dicky (centre) and me taking our regular night walk back in 2008 when we were housemates. Every night was freaking cold as it got closer to winter. I guess that's why back then we called our night walk chilling out.

Or maybe, since great, tastylicious foods are always within walking distance; the kitchen that I got distracted all the time. Obviously (to me at least =P) eating is much more interesting than blogging. hehehe..
If no interesting food is found in the kitchen, can always cycle to buy keropok lekor, gorpis (goreng pisang LOL WTH) or cendol. Oh, how I'm gonna lose my weight like this! =S The nearest mamak place is in Mesra Mall but I don't really lepak at mamak. I'm the kind of guy who hangs out when my friends are around playing bowling, or lepak at Pantai Kerteh. Which reminds me, I went on a picnic with my family last Saturday before Adib went back to Kuching. I shall blog about this OHYEAH!!

Top left and bottom right: Nasi kandaq Bayan Lepas that my family and I always frequent every morning when we are in Penang. The only nasi kandaq my mom eats since she knows the owner. Top right: Kuah sekaya my mom made few weeks ago. Bottom left: BBQ. Adik likes to do bbq, a lot. He is fit to be an Aussie. =P Bottom: the new donut + sushi from Big Apple called Donashi (I think?) The lil bro really thought those were sushi. LOL sama dia!


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