Saturday, July 3, 2010

Membebel Membebel ahak!! X P

Greetings people! Been home for almost a week now. I gotta say, there's nothing like home.
Did I tell you guys that I was in Sunway and Singapore before heading back home? And during that time I was there I was completely cut off from facebook, emails, and my blog. And since I got home I just realised I sorta lost the will to update the blog. It's like I have lost the momentum LOL to get blogging. The ideas are in my head all the time. Maybe I just need to take this slowly; one post per 2,4 days maybe? =P malas!

World Cup is getting interesting now. Brazil got knocked out by the Oranje! I was kinda expecting it since Brazil is the only country featured in Nike's Write the Future ad that stayed in the tournament. So I told my bros last night, Brazil gonna get knocked out in quarter final.

And I thought I was wrong in the first half since the Brazilian played really good football. Too bad they couldn't score more to widen the gap.

Back to the Nike ad, I believe Cote D'ivoire, Italy, England, Portugal and Brazil have been placed a Nike Curse. LOL I'm just joking but such a coincidence that all these countries featured in Nike's Write the Future ad are now back at their respective countries =P

Apparently none. =P

So, tonight, what's the score gonna be? Will Argentina be able to take revenge for their defeat to Germany in the last World Cup? I sure hope Messi will continue to make the opponent's defensive line messy =P



Tupai Karan said...

pemalas nk update blog? hehe aku pun.. tp ni aku da siap schedule utk 3 minggu haha buleh rilek lama sket :P

slmt menonton bola.

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

wah..ada schedule lagi. tabik spring!!! XP


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