Thursday, July 22, 2010

Keanu Reeves Is Edward Cullen?

hahaha gotcha! =P

Everybody knows the Matrix guy, Keanu Reeves. I first watched his movie when I was in primary school. It was "Speed". As a boy, I found the movie nice. I don't know what I would think if I watch it again now, that was the first and last time.

Anyway, straight to the point, I don't know if this has been around since long time ago, but it came shocking to me. I still think it's all just a coincidence - Keanu Reeves born in Lebanon, and the French actor Paul Mounet was missing and his body can't be found.

Reeves was "born" in Beirut, Lebanon. Beirut throughout hitory has had strong ties to Europe, and more than any other France. The very same country Paul Mounet was from. In 1920, only two years before the death of Paul Mounet, the Ottoman Empire dissolved after WW2 leaving all of Beirut under French Control. Could it be possible that Keanu Reeves is actually Paul Mounet and moved from Lebanon to the United States to continue his work under another name?
The coincidences are too hard to ignore.

So I thought let's google up Paul Mounet. Found something about him on Wikipedia and flickr.

That Wikipedia Paul Mounet is surely the Paul Mounet of 1920 and he looks..old.

From flickr, nothing says much about him moving to Lebanon, or dying in 1920. More about his works and personal life. It's not likely Keanu Reeves is Paul Mounet (duhh!) hahaha though it would be great if it's true. People will be excited as. hehehe

Wondering what Keanu Reeves has to say about this? Did he give any comment or just keep quiet about it? hmmm


Zullism said...

botox tu lebih kurang jer

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

hahah tak tau la botox ke ape. skarang ni, kalau tengok sape2 yang muka tegang terus kena cop pakai "botox". haha. mura ke botox ni sampai makcik jual goreng pisang dikatakan pakai botox jugak??

tapi agak freaky gak aa keanu reeves ni..muke sama la jugak. no significant, distinct change.

Shirleen said...

I still prefer the first matrix movie.. :)

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

yeah i guess that one is alright. e 3rd one is pretty sad/depressing.2nd one, hmmm, was ok. =D


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