Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Warga Emas Teras Masyarakat

Nope, I'm not gonna sing the song by Allahyarham Sudirman. But I must say I like that song.
Moving on to my story.....

I had a chat with my dad (or was it my sister since it could be that she was using Abah's laptop?) on Monday night. I was told the whole family went to Kuantan the day before and that explains why my call home was not answered.

Wan in the middle.

Apparently, my Wan (grandmother from my dad's side) is getting weaker, and seems to forget stuff too. My bro Adib greeted her and salam, and she didn't say anyting, and my mom just thought of asking her,

Mak:Kenal tak sape ni? (Do you know who is this?)
Wan: Ontah eh, sapo? (Don't know, who is it?)
Mak: Adib ni. (It's Adib)
Wan: Oo, ingek budak mano la datang rumah ni ha. (Oh, I thought just someone's kid just visiting)

Her body seems to not be able to tell her what's going on, you know, like sending signal when nature calls. (A sign of dementia?) Even so, I'm really impressed that she still knows and remembers to pray on time, even though she has to crawl to the bathroom when no one is at home.

Man..I guess I can no longer expect her to bother me with "Nak milo tak? Meh Wan buekkan milo ha (You want milo not? Come, I make you one)". The last time I went to Kuantan to see her, she still asked me that. When I was in high school (you know, the rebellious stage everyone gone through =P) I didn't find her special treatment to me comfortable but now only I figure it's just that she cares for her grandchildren so much that she always asks "Nak milo tak?"

I don't know if it is a coincidence that I watched Ninkyo Helper last weekend (yes I know I should be studying but I need time off the books as well no? =P) and this Japanese drama is about a bunch of Yakuza leaders from the same group but different branches who had to go through training, to be the next Kashira (head chief). And the training was, as helpers at an elderly healthcare facility. A bit ironic since these yakuza leaders always target the elderly people for money - by conning them saying, their grandkids/kids are in police custody, hospital, and they need to bank in the money to make sure everything is okay. You can say, the main character especially, didn't give a damn about other things than to make profits for his branch.

When they first arrived at "Taiyo"the elderly healthcare facility. They were like WTH?

Anyway, as the story develops these Yakuza leaders seemed to have changed and care for the old folks staying there. They began to show their soft sides but when their covers were blown away by Yakuza from other group, they realised that they have to make the choice. Well, the drama is mainly focusing on the pressing issues of elderly healthcare system in Japan. Apparently with the declining birth rate in Japan, there are more old people than young ones so this drama is trying to get the attention on that issue. Most people in Japan send their parents, grandparents to the healthcare facilities and if they're lucky, they will get the decent ones. But some people run the facilities just for the money and below the standards, creating another problem. Well, that's what I can tell from my quick google and the drama.

Badass helper LOL

I'm not gonna spoil the whole thing, in case some of you are interested in watching the drama. The title is Ninkyo Helper.

In a way, I'm glad that there are not that many Malaysians send their parents to old folks home or facilities, and things are not as bad as in Japan though I'm sure there are few isolated cases of mistreatment on the old folks in Malaysia. Watching the drama is like another reminder of my coming responsibilities as an adult. Peter Parker said with great power come great responsibilities, in my case, with time come more responsibilities.

After all my parents have done to me, I believe it is my time to pay them back when they are old. Like what I always hear, Mak nak jaga anak 10 orang boleh je, anak 10 orang nak jaga Mak bukan main susah. (A Mother can always take care of 10 kids, but 10 kids when they are grown up can't really take care of a Mother). Imagine if got both? It is hard alright, but try putting your self in their shoes (when they become freakingly old), I'm sure you don't find it pleasing.

What I'm trying to say is, family should always be there for each other.

wakatta? maybe not, hahaha, oh well

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