Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Petanda Bagus Ni

Suddenly feel like blogging. That means I've gotten rid of my laziness. And I have been reading, studying also just now. Hahahah =P

Anyway, a lot of things going on right now; locally in Gippsland, Australia and even at world stage. I bet by now everyone knows of the news about aid ships to Gaza being attacked by the Israeli forces. Man.. I just hate conflicts that bring harm to both sides. More on this later on.

In Australia, 2 kids aged 9 and 7 ( I think?) were found dead in their bedrooms. Whenever news about kids dying are out I will always be a bit depressed thinking how terrifying it must be for the poor souls at the time. At the same time, I guess it would be better for them not to be in this world that is decaying, rotting. Man..I shouldn't be pessimist really but it's just that I sometimes ask myself, do I want my future generation to live in this world where more sick psycho people roaming around, corrupt politicians who only give a damn about themselves which in turns driving people to segregations.

I mean, I know some stuff happening, going on back home, how some people feel unfairly treated. And now that I'm in Australia, away from home, this people (probably) 'consumed' by the feelings start targeting me just because I'm Malay. Heck, even if I'm Malay, I don't choose my friends based on skin colour. If I think you're nice, honest and not the manipulative type, you're cool. If you're not, no matter what colour you are; Malay, Chinese, Singaporean, HK, Indians, White Australians, Asian Australians - then you're not cool to me.

Oh, emosi pulak. hahaha. Well, I got a fair bit of racially discriminated but not by the Australians just from some fellow international students. Just because I'm Malay and entitled to scholarships doesn't mean I use my connection or what. Doesn't mean I'm not aware that the Malays got better treatments than others. At first I thought of being sorry, but for what man. I don't choose to be Malay. I didn't even get to choose, God didn't ask me, "Hey, what you wanna be? A nigger or a Malay?" Okay, that isn't cool-

okay, okay, cut it out~


Anyway, I'm rooting for my imoto Pam for ISA's Presidency tomorrow! Go PAM!!


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