Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Last Game

I feel so happy right now. More like, accomplished. My final game with the team in Morwell Basketball Competition ended with a narrow win, 34-33 and I managed to score.

I told Jack and Ash after the game that I'm not gonna see them in next week's game and they were kinda surprised. It's not gonna be a big loss to the team LOL but I appreciate that they always compliment my defense..well, only defense haha =P They wished me all the best in life and said I scored a nice one LOL thanks guys.

I learned a lot this time around playing basketball in Monash Gippsland. And I'm gonna keep playing basketball. Heh.

From left: Jack, Semun,Oscar (behind), Alfred, Ash, Jude, Austin, Jackie, Lincoln, me, Raymond

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