Friday, June 4, 2010

Cool/Funny Pics

No more Thursday's Cool/Funny Pics. Everyday can be cool/funny pics' day =P I seem to forget bout it every time. Bah!

I came across this website where you can visualise how the oil spill at the Gulf of Mexico looks like if it was to happen anywhere in this world. So, I start off with where I am now - Morwell.


That bad huh? Even Melbourne city will be affected! Now let's try my hometown in Malaysia, famously known for the oil - Kerteh.

The whole town will be gone beneath the oil spill!! GAAHHH!! Scary!
My last try, let's go with -

Israel..Such a small country but so powerful..dang!! If only it happened for real, I believe the whole administration will be oiled up!!

Most certainly is true. LOL. Credit to [Cliff Pickover]

I want one of my doors to be transformed into a ping pong table too!

Lest we forget =_= []

You think you can tell which one is the IT Consultant if there are no job titles?

Can't imagine going back to the past and telling Hang Tuah about facebook and also Melaka being a state without Sultan now.

Awww~ so cute!!

My dream gadget!! T_T I wonder how much will it cost..hmm

Man, seriously stumble! is the best. I came across a lot of stuffs that are interesting. For someone like me who wants to know almost everything about this world, I find it really useful..and distracting =_=""


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