Saturday, May 8, 2010

You Wake Up Early For What sia?

I wake up early (or sometimes I don't sleep at all) because I don't want to miss Subuh prayer. Seriously man!

Okay, just like other weekends right now I still can't decide what to have for breakfast. Just cereals and banana or mee goreng? Mee goreng sounds (and tastes) better than cereal definitely. Only that it is too troublesome to make it.

If only everyday is like last Tuesday, where all the Blue college residents had free breakfast. . Pancakes, toasts, cereals and bbq for those who eat grilled food early in the morning LOL. Oh, well the local students don't stay around comes weekend anyway so no point in having free breakfast I want pancakes.. =S

Bread and toasts. Eh, are they the same thing?

Cereals. If I want to have cereals I might as well have it at home kono yaro! =P

The only thing I had that morning. What more could I ask? Everyone should have pancakes for breakfast!! Huahuahau!!

As always Pam helping out that morning making the pancakes. Man, she's the new Mother Teresa I tell you.

That's it. I'm making mee goreng. Bye byeeeee!

p/s: I thought Mother's Day is on every 2nd Sunday of May?

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