Wednesday, May 12, 2010

When The DarkBatman Comes

You don't know who is DarkBatman? He's Malaysia very own and first Batman. hehehehehe...

Yeah, lelaki.kacak.maskulin. His blog is not really like my blog. His blog is about fitness (he works out you know), healthy diet and cooking lesson LOL, and sometimes a peek to his life. Oh he loves giving tips on how to increase traffic to your blog. I guess, it won't be impossible to see him in Project Alpha 3 next season.

The reason why I made this entry is because darkbatman paid a visit to my blog the other day. You know the feeling that you get when someone famous, comes to visit you. Honored, that's the word. I feel honored that darkbatman came to this blog. Hahaha!! XD

Well, guys, give darkbatman a go, and I believe you will be frequenting it and looking forward to new articles on

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