Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday - Cool Pics Of The Day

Steve Jobs (Apple co-founder) and Bill Gates (Microsoft founder)reminiscing the good old days. And they mean it.

If the cartoon characters do grow old, probably they would get into such things in Uni/College life like others huh? =P

I censored it. LOL feeling any better looking at the pic? I guess censoring it makes it not funny anymore

Never lose focus of your goal. In zombies' case, BRAIN.

How cool is that???

Reality check, any permanent alteration to your DNA which is beyond repair, you are most likely to die. Not turned into one of the fancy costumed superheroes. =P

Clearly Pinky wasn't even looking on the road. That's how Pinky and Karla got into accident =P

My mom is cool!! And I don't have to be like this guy =P

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