Friday, May 21, 2010

Smash It Down

I've been a member of Monash Badminton Club since my 2nd semester of first year. From there, I started hanging out with new people, getting to know other people I'd never seen before. Of course, at first my skills were still in high school. But after a long time playing, can see the difference. My back hand at least has become way better than before.

One of the things I'm gonna miss about Gippsland is the badminton club. How I've been through a lot with the club. I became the president in my 2nd year 2nd semester. Until last semester. And this semester I came back unplanned and unexpectedly, though I felt a bit bitter to have to stay here for another semester, being in the badminton club again makes me feel all better.

Well, I stay in the committee but not as the president but secretary. At least I got to tell the new committee what should they do and all. But even without me, they should be alright. There's always Eric, the club advisor who will watch over the club, making sure the club will keep on running until God knows when.

I got a lot of pictures from 2008,2009 but thanks to one of the members, who brought his camera on Thursday's session, finally there are new pictures for the club.

Me and Fong Fah VS Kevin(left) and Eric (right) Eric is the best player even though he's older than us. =P

I returned a shot back.

Group photo. I don't know why it looks like I'm in the centre, because Pam supposed to be in centre, she's the president.

Candid shot, well more like jumping shot from Nabil, Adib and Hendi. Hahaha..boys!

I hope in the future the badminton club will still be around. Because I will surely be glad to come and play when I go visit Gippsland one day.


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