Monday, May 24, 2010


I only heard about creeping robots, walking robots, but not swimming robots. Now there is Robofish! Got that right! And we should be thankful that the fish we buy from the market is not as expensive as this Robofish. One of these costs about $30000 to manufacture. Holyshirt!! Speaking of Holyshirt, I just got the t-shirts that I ordered last week! WOoohoo!! =P

No, $30000 not so that you can watch these fishes swim and get eaten by other bigger fishes, no. $30000 with the objective of detecting and getting rid of the pollutants in the water. As for now, the first batch of these Robofishes are being used somewhere in River Thames.

No offense to the scientists who came up with this Robofish, but I think something should be done about the price? My lecturer's biosensor project seems more feasible and affordable too. Hohoho =P

If you wanna know the details of how the Robofish works, hit on the link below. Woohoo!

I wonder if these swimming robots will work well at the Gulf of Mexico....

[Modern-Day Robofish School Humans on How to Detect Water Pollution | greenopolis recycling rewards]

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