Saturday, May 22, 2010


The last time I had been in a fight, I was stopping my housemate who was drunk from getting all crazy with my other two housemates. You see, that's what alcohol does to your brain. You just lose it all, and WHAM! So, don't drink. For Muslims, don't drink or you will sin.

Anyway, as usual every Thursday got basketball competition. And on that day, I decided to play in the C-grade games only, which on that day we won 67-10. But nothing to be extra happy because the opponent team only got 4 players. Well, 2 of them were really good, but that's it. Heh. =P

And the B-grade game was played later after the C-grade game. That day, we got new player, an African guy. He's tall alright, but his skills are not polished enough, maybe not enough practice. We were trailing way behind. And sometimes during the first half of the game, the black guy complained, said that he was fouled by the opponent player. The ref said game on and he wasn't happy, shook his head. Not long after that, something happened at the centre of the court. The black guy got into a fight with player no. 19 from the opponent team.

It was pretty tense that the game had to be stopped. One guy from the other team, let's call him no.24, he was like "Chill man, don't lose your cool 'aite" but this black guy seemed to have lost it all he grabbed onto a wooden sign board by the court wanting to smash that guy. I was like, this guy is stupid and crazy. His first game and he did that all that. Stupid.

Anyway, no.24 wasn't scared with what the black guy did, rather he was more angry and said tut tut tut tut tut off the court. So, after a while the game resumed, the black guy and no.19 were off the court. He was on the phone talking to someone, and me and my teammates were like, is he calling his friends to come over here? As I was keeping the scoreboard that night, the panel was at the opponent team's bench so I was sitting close to no.19 and he said he's all good if the black guy can keep his cool.

The black guy left the stadium, and I thought fuhh~ ok. As I was keeping the scoreboard and talking to no.19 on the bench, the black guy came back. At that time I was like, does he have a gun with him? does he? or a knife? or any other weapon? I thought I was the only one thinking like that, but all my teammates on the bench also thought the same thing. When he was walking to my direction, I called on to my man Alfred to stop him. So, until the final whistle blew, nothing else happened. Such a relief.

Heck man, I guess there are people with short fuse. And I know few who are quite close to me who are like that. I wonder how you deal with them.

Oh, and for that guy who screwed up his first game, I don't think he should come and play again next week. =_=

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