Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mozilla Firefox Went Crazy

Damn..that's why been unable to update my blog. I don't want to use Google Chrome cos I'm so used to Firefox. You see, when it has become a habit, you just find it hard to change and adapt.

Talk about comfort zone. =P

Look at the CPU for Mozilla Firefox. Almost 100%!! It slowed down the laptop that I had no choice but to use Chrome to look for solutions.

I have googled and apparently things like this happen for few reasons;
1. Memory leaks
2. Because of Windows Defender (I don't really get the reasons why because it's so technical =/)
3. If you put your laptop on stand-by and it got interrupted (something like that)

After trying out all the solutions for those likely causes, now Mozilla Firefox is up and running without consuming too high of memory and CPU too.

COol... I love internet! XP

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