Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Post Match

I seem to have recovered from last night's frustration. Moving on.

I did expect some resistance, a tough one from Japan. But not a defeat to them. No. Though it is good to see the top players deliver the expectations; Lee Chong Wei and Triple K-Tan Boon Heong, it was shocking to see the experienced player Wong Choong Hann lost to the inexperienced Japanese. From what I read on thestaronline, Choong Hann gave a lot of half-courts. I don't know what his problem is, but he better get himself shaped up in quarter final against Denmark.

credit to the star online and

The shocking news! Fairuzizuan lost his cool and temper being booed and showed vulgar signs by the fans. I didn't even know it took place last night after Fairuzizuan and Zakry lost. As a world class player he shouldn't have retaliated to those demotivational jeering from the fans. Though it is unacceptable really for them to lose tamely, in 10 minutes in the first set. Man.. As a fan myself, I know the frustration building inside. You expect your fellow countrymen on the court to win, deliver a superb performance despite the tough challenge from the opponents. But I have to admit, even though I was (and still am) disappointed in Fairuzizuan-Zakry to lose the match, I wouldn't resort to ridiculing them and cursing them. One word to Fairuzizuan-grow up. Oh, that's two. Fairuzizuan needs to get better on the court, as well as off the court.

As all hope lies on Hafiz Hashim, surely he would feel all the pressure. I was hoping throughout the match, that he would make me proud of him like he did when he first won the All-England in 2001. Was it 2001 or 2000? How could I not remember that, I was in high school that time, reading the newspaper in the library, getting all happy after that. Though he did give his best I guess the pressure got the better of him. As far as I can remember watching Hafiz playing, he's not really that aggressive. I don't know if he was aggressive or not last night. But kudos to him for not losing tamely. I just hope that he can perform better than this, because I know he has more than this to show to all the fans.

I hope Malaysia will still be the best. I hope not to see Malaysia being the best in badminton is something in the past. For that...

2 of my kids will be badminton players!!!!!!!!!


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