Monday, May 17, 2010


Waa..writer's block!!

Now that Thomas Cup is over, Culture Night done, I got only studying to do. And few small stuffs. Need to get the mood to study back. is awesome. I pretty much have a rough idea what most Malaysian youths think about. The questions asked there are pretty much trivial. And repetitive. "Apa yang akan anda buat jika gf anda merajuk?", "Kenapa kena ada temuduga kerja?", "AF dan Mentor, mana lagi best" and stuffs like that.

Hahaha. Don't believe me? Go and look at the questions asked there yourself.

Not like it's a bad thing to ask all these stuffs. I guess people need rooms for them to do not so serious things, asking random questions to strangers on the net. On the other hand, strangers have no obligation (sort of) to be nice and not being honest when it comes to answering, especially when you won't be seeing each other face to face. You don't know personally those who answer your questions. Only their nicknames there.

But, things like personal stuff, your relationship with your fiance, or partner in marriage, I don't think it's appropriate to let the whole world know, some more strangers to know about almost everything.

Same goes with Facebook, except that most of your friends on Facebook must be someone you know, and you've talked to. Eh? Why most? Because nowadays people just anyhow send you friend requests when you don't even know or barely know them. It's acceptable if barely know them, like you talked once or twice before. Or bumped into each other at the supermarket. But not a total stranger. Just because you are friend with my bro/sis/cousin you think you're my friend?

Hahaha, sorry but I have my own social networking principles. I kinda respect Mak for she only makes friends with her long lost friends and the people she recently made friend with on Facebook. Yeah, she doesn't even want to accept my friend request. LOL I thought at first I should add her first but the next time we talked on the phone she said she won't add any of her kids, in-laws, nephews, nieces on facebook. She was serious, I can tell. =P

Oh, what am I babbling about here? Damn, get studying you fool!



wadefak said...

hahaha cool post
takya layan sangat kalau soalan merapu2 tu...diorang tgh bosan..layan bile tgh bosan
ny the way try la tanye soalan2 bes kat ys tuh... :D

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

thanks, thanks.
oh, soalan2 yang aku tanye memang best. hahaha tak percaya pergila cari. =P


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