Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Face Of A Demon

Or so everyone thinks the first time they meet Kitano Seiichirou.

Face of a demon, heart of an angel

The last battle, that sees Seiichiro, unintentionally knocks out the notorious head of Nirin High School gang.

Due to his "demonic" appearance and his inability to speak like a normal human being when he's nervous/panicking which has caused a lot of misunderstandings make him the "school's guardian" on the very first day he transfers to his new high school. The former guardian, a third year student is so scared and terrified of him that he and his two loyal underlings start to hang around Seiichiro and help him.

Then Takehisa pops in the picture, a first year troublemaker in the same class as Seichiiro, who returns to school a bit later on in the story. He too, succumbs to Seiichiro's monstrous face and high speed reflex and starts to treat Seiichiro like the head of the school. At the end of the story, Takehisa realises that Seiichiro is just a normal person with a great heart and decides to follow him even though Seiichiro is not a delinquent.

As the story develops, all the people who got attracted to Seiichiro because of his looks find themselves to be wrong and also realise that Kitano Seiichiro is just a normal person, with a very pure heart for not even once he thinks wrong and bad of other people. When a bunch of gang from the neighbouring school come to attack him, he thinks the head of the school gang is mad at him for not returning his wallet sooner. He never thinks that people will treat him bad, ill and that naivety always gets himself hurt. But thanks to all the attacks he has developed his skills in countering hits, a self-defense mechanism which has saved him from a lot of battles.

The very first girl that wants to beat him up as she is convinced that Seiichiro is really a hardcore and evil thug, later on becomes his first girlfriend. LOL

From left to right: Ikuno, Ogisu, Seiichiro, former guardian, the girlfriend,Takehisa.

As I read the manga, I strongly feel that no one should be judged by the way he/she looks. If I were Seiichiro, I don't think I would be able to act he does. I would probably go along with what the people around me think I am, a thug, and become one. But I don't know how it feels like to be in a classroom where all your classmates are too scared to talk to you, even among themselves when you are in the class.

So, don't judge a book by its cover aa. Try to remember that. Though I must say in this world where crime and corruption are the things that you first see in the newspaper, it's just hard, to not judge one by his/her look. =S

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