Sunday, May 9, 2010

Culture Night Is Back!

What the heck is culture night? It's an annual event held by the International Students Association in Monash Gippsland here. The first one was 4 years ago, in 2006 and the theme was Indian Night. This year it's gonna be Arabian Night. Hahuahaua!

I have been to culture night since I came here. The first one I attended was the Shanghai Night, and then Malaysian Night where I got to perform Malay dance. Last year was iSpice, just a night dedicated to the spicy and hot international foods.

If you guys wanna know what sort of things going on during the event, can have a look at my very first post here.

Maybe I should include photos from last year's iSpice. Hehehe...

Me and Pam. Pam wearing Punjabi costume. I think..

The highlight of the event that night - Spice eating competition

In 2008 you could say the Malay dance was the highlight of the event. Like, everyone is waiting to see that. Hahaha =P

See how me and my buddies at the back in this pic? We purposely stood there so that we would be in the picture. Hahaha!!

My housemate Hitomi a Japanese girl who grew up in Singapore, ISA President 2009 Kai and Pam.

Me and my housemates after iSpice =P

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