Thursday, May 13, 2010

Badminton Craze

First of all, sorry if you guys find my blog posts the past few days, boring. Can't help it. I just got all crazy and hyped up when Malaysia was struggling against Japan man, Japan!! Damn they all..grrr!! =P

That aside, I'm very freaking pleased with the performance put up by the players last night against Denmark. Choong Hann almost got it, so did the Mr Zakry and Mr Hoon. I wonder Fairuzizuan was deemed not fit, mentally and emotionally because he didn't play last night. But Hafiz was the hero for that night, delivering the winning point to Malaysia. Terima kasih banyok Abe Apih. =P

AAHH~ a lot of people have been saying semi final is our last stop. Not gonna make it past China. You never know man. You never know. Until they have really lost the match against China tomorrow, I will keep on having faith in them, my fellow countrymen who will be battling on the court tomorrow!!!

credit to thestaronline



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