Sunday, April 25, 2010

WOW! My blog post made it in Google's top list!!

Serious? Seriously, like totally! Ahaks! =P Okay, okay, I know hundreds of people have already done that, been there. But for me, it's my first time huahauhaua!!

I came across this blog just few minutes ago because I was taking a break from studying. I thought of going for a walk..blogwalking =P. Anyway, this blog owner found out one of his posts is in Google's top list.

So I was like, hmm shall I give it a try then. Who knows, one of my posts also made it in Google's top list. I keyed in words that are related to my posts that got comments and I reckon are popular LOL. I tried "durian, woolworths" - negative, "horatio puns" - negative and my third try, "basketball kemaman", and here it is people -

WAAA kakoi yo! XD

Yeah I know it's no biggie, but I'm just excited! HUAHAUHAUHAUHA!!!



Tupai Karan said...

2 hari lepas somebody weird googled "i wan stop" and landed at my blog, yg peliknya description search result tu refer to your blog. Hehe.
Rajin2 tgk your feedjit live traffic, situ leh dpt tgk keywords2 org guna sampai kat blog ni

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

oo like that one..
arigato gozaimasu Tupai Karan! XD


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