Monday, April 26, 2010

A Walk To Remember

Have you guys watched the movie? No, no, I watched it long time ago. Was alright. I love the song, Only Hope by Switchfoot but I don't really like the Mandy Moore version. =P

Based on Nicholas Spark's best selling novel, A Walk To Remember

I'm not into chick flick, and I believe this movie is one of the many chick flicks there are on this planet. But I guess it was my first time watching this kind of movie with a sad ending, well sad to me as the guy didn't get to live with the girl she loves. I guess this movie sort of hit the soft side of me LOL

I believe everyone has his/her walk to remember. Now, I'm not gonna talk about love and relationship stuff, so you guys can think of other significant walk you've taken so far. How many of us remember the first time they walk? How about the time when you walk with your parents to school for the first time? Or to a park, beach? At the family theme park? Maybe even the time you spent walking with your siblings to pasar malam, or to religious class/schools when you were kids? The scary moment when you and your primary school friends had to go through one hell of a night during a school camping activity? For the naughty and troublesome kids they were last time in hostel, it could be the time they had with their partners in crime 'fly' out of the school to buy burgers, cigarettes or play Counter Strike at cyber cafe. For some, all the walks with that special someone, watching the sunset by the lake, feeling all fluttery inside.

Surely you guys still remember them. Be sure to remember the past, and treasure the present and always look forward to another walk to remember with your loved ones - family, friends, special persons.

Wow, I didn't mean to talk about this actually. LOL I want to talk about my long walk just now from Res to the Malay guys' house.

From point A to point B

You see point A there? Well, I didn't take the route as shown above, but I just walked on straight until the intersection. I thought it was gonna be a long walk but it only took me 15 minutes one way. Good exercise. Why did I go to their house? I got some of my stuffs there, so I thought might as well walk instead of troubling the guys. Thank God the weather was good just now - sunny and not windy. Fuhh~

So, this will be one of the many walks I will remember.


~ yus ~ said...

this.. the map, i mean.. reminds me of 'the road not taken' by Rudyard Kippling.

sometimes. we have to take different path, the path that less traveled by.

ada kaitan? nope. ehehhehe.. just dropped by here.. :)

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

ada je. the road not taken is my favourite poem since secondary school.

like right now, i am taking the road less traveled. hahahha =P

_izis_ said...

penah tgk a walk to remember...

mandy moore sgt comel n cte tuh sgt sedih....

danial : suke gak poem the road not taken tuh....

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

haha mandy moore masa tu comel lagi. but not now =P

ooo, ramai jugak suka the road not taken eh?

~ yus ~ said...

eh.. silap ler.. not Rudyard Kippling. but Robert Frost the author of The Road Not Taken.

Rudyard Kippling wrote If. another poem yg saya suka as well. ;)

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

hahaha gue pon tak perasang akan kesalahan itu. LOL
takpe, chill =P


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