Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thursday - Cool Pics Of The Day

Or is it Funny and Cool Pic Of The Day? Because, a cool pic isn't necessarily a funny pic. And a funny pic isn't necessarily a cool pic. It can be quite nasty. =P

I always thought that it is okay to take the hotel's soap, shower gel and shampoo. And I thought all Malaysians do it. Even the PM. =P LOL

So, I should Laugh Out Loud when I see someone drowning? Maybe they should make the font for 'Call 911' bigger!

I have to say I hate zombies. Whenever I watch The Evil Dead, Resident Evil, I feel like bashing them. But good things do come out from these zombies. For all you know, the capitalists might have adopted these unique attributes of zombies.

Currently listening to old songs; Dewa (not Dewa 19) Backstreet Boys, Michael Learns To Rock and Scorpion. I guess I miss the old time. Hahahah

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