Monday, April 19, 2010

Onna otoko?

It means something like drag queen/pondan bapok. Well, I'm referring to this new and disturbing fashion trend in Japan.
Looks like the Japanese boys are into wearing skirts now. Yeah, nothing wrong with your eyesight, and it's not a typo. Apparently these trends are famous now in Harajuku and Aoyama. I don't know anything about Aoyama but I do know if you go dress your best in Harajuku, you still look like country bumpkins LOL

Here is the long skirt boy. Well, he does look like a girl anyway.

There are different kind of skirts; long, short, but I believe it won't be as short as the girls' skirts. Anyway I thought the boys can just get the skirts from any store selling school uniform. Heck, most of these boys go for the famous ones which costs almost $200 each.

Looks like Japan's birthrate is doomed to decline.... =P


1 comment:

plain83 said...

aramaaa LoL~ XD

Japan is famous for their 'hen' (weirdness) in so many things, hentai bakkari...


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