Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Oh It's Thursday Right?

Yo! More cools and funny pics. It's Thursday and still no class. This coming Monday class will continue as usual.
Anyway, have a look at the cool pics for this week.

Oriental yeti.

This creature caught in China has been claimed to be a new species of bear. It is hairless, has the voice of a cat and tail like a kangaroo. For now, it is known to be as a Oriental Yeti. One of the hunters said there is a local legend about a bear-man; a bear which used to be a man. Some kind of curse maybe? Good thing we have DNA test to confirm whether it is a bear-man or a new species of marsupials/bears? For all we know, it might be one of the tortured animals, hunted for furs in China....

Epic the real world or in the Star War's world. Either world, the answer is an epic fail!

You'll see this not pumpkin anymore comes Halloween.


I know you guys might have seen this kind of funny pics before. You know, the direct translation of English from Malay, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese. This is one of them. I'm amazed by it all...

Too bad, the GIF picture doesn't work here. Have a look at Cyanide and Happiness

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