Sunday, April 18, 2010


WARNING: a totally random, rubbish-to-some-readers-post created as a result of ideas, inspirations flooding in the head of the blog's owner

Jer-awww-what. I mean, jerawat, pimple. These words refer to the same thing no? The tiny red bud that sometimes just comes out of nowhere on your pretty face (in my case, my macho face huahauhauaha!).

I sometimes got pimple at the tip of my nose, just next to my nostril, on my forehead, and on the temple.
Now, I have one just on the left side of my upper lip, right at where the moustache grows. As I was just doing nothing but looking, observing that one pimple just now, I realised no hair grows surrounding that pimple. So I thought of looking at the moustache on the right side. "Eh there's no hair growing at that area as well", and I am pretty sure it is the same site where I have the pimple only on different side.

My hypothesis, pimple's effect on one side of the body will be experienced by the mirror image of that same place.


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