Monday, April 12, 2010

It feels good in a way to be all depressed. I miss that feeling LOL

Okay, so I had awesome weekend! BBQ with the Churchill families at Sale, reminiscing the good old time with Sugit as he came here yesterday to see his old mates.

Man, good, great time! XD

BBQ at Abang Zainal's

Abang Zainal and Nabil doing the job. Lamb, beef and chicken sausages.

The feast.

We have our very own barber - Mr. Nabil.

Got back pretty late as we were really into telling ghost stories, talking, discussing about the stuffs in Malaysia. And the world. Well, pretty much kopitiam talk.

Sugit In Gippsland

Sugit, he looks like Afgan. Check out Afgan's MV Wajahmu Mengalihkan Duniaku.

If you guys remember my man Semun,

and Dicky. LOL

I made the one at the left. It is the Baked Macaroni or something like that.

After, damn full..

Played pingpong, pool, and watched Shutter Island. Pretty twisted movie, but good in a wicked way. =P

Sugit leaving Gippsland. See you again Git!

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