Thursday, April 1, 2010

If You Have The Power

What does it mean?
What is it?

Akumetsu is a serial Japanese comic aka manga by writer Yoshiaki Tabata and illustrator Yuki Yugo. It is about a seemingly ordinary high school student Shou Hazama, who has carried out very extraordinary acts in order to purge Japan from evil, corrupted politicians. Well, it's not for the sake of that only. He plans such thing to let the Japanese know how bad the country they love is dying.

And Akumetsu wears that batman-like mask, which is drilled into the skull. It's so high tech and designed that way so that when Akumetsu dies after completing an assassination, his head will blow off. So no identification can be made. Wicked!

At the start of the manga, it seems that Shou Hazama has some kind of magical power that enables him to come back to life after assassinating those politicians and also to be in many places at one time.

But as the story develops, readers will get to know, bit by bit, how it all started. The act of terrorism by this "Akumetsu" which literally means "the destroyer of evil". Kinda cool, in a way. Shou only kills the target, and no one else is killed besides the target - politicians, top dogs who are responsible for Japan's economic doom in the manga.

Reading this kind of manga is refreshing in a way. Because I really like it, stuff like Full Metal Alchemist, Naruto, Monster. Shounen and Shoujo are alright but not all the time. Hahaha.

If you guys don't really like all those anime characters with big, shiny eyes, then try Akumetsu. Not only you get to experience the details of the illustration, but the message conveyed. But I totally do not agree with the method. End result doesn't justify the means.

Which reminds me of the girlfriend's notebook that I saw when she was studying for exam. Fairness and justice are not the same thing? Something like that. Heh...

Jinsei wa omoishiro ne..

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