Thursday, April 8, 2010

How Your Maggi Mee Looks Like?

The first time I had Maggi Mee (that I remember of) was when I was a really little kid, 5 years old?. My auntie who I fondly call Che'in (cik in) made a curry flavoured Maggie Mee for me. I remember it was a bit dry, and a bit red because she added some chilli sauce, with egg boiled with the noodles. It was awesome. Till this day, if I am having curry flavoured Maggi, I will remember that first Maggi I had.

But my favourite is Maggi Mee Ayam. LOL

Got that right!

And there are many different ways of preparing it. Some people like to put the seasoning first, then the noodle, some the noodle first followed by the seasoning. The debate does not revolve around that only, it goes to fried eggs or boiled eggs are better, and some may argue that Maggi Mee is fine by itself while others will claim it is such a blasphemy of Maggi to not have egg at least. Because some people like it with sausage, vegetables, you know so that it looks something like the Maggi advertised.

Either way, this whole debate is not that serious. LOL for fun only. Hahahaha

For me, an egg is a must. More than one egg is used if making for a lot of people. If I feel like having something healthy, then add a bit of cabbage, sliced onions. Hehehe.

The thing is, I'm thinking of taking a 2 minute video of myself preparing "Maggi Mee My Way". Maggi is organising this competition and everyone is welcomed to take part and submit a video of you preparing Maggi me your way.

For now, I need to get more Maggi perisa ayam from city.. huhuhu. Need to practice in front of the camera mah.. =P
Oh, and for more details check out Maggi Mee My Way.

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