Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Oh! I have finished two chapters already!! Still got a long way to go, but my exam will be in June, mid June, so should be alright. HOHOHOHO!

I thought of going for a run this morning as I did on Monday, but I changed my running plan to walking plan. And then from walking plan to sleeping plan because it rained. =P Though I did see double rainbows.

Not sure if you guys can see the rainbows or not

Most of my friends know I'm into Japanese stuffs. Well, I'm not an otaku, I just love learning new languages. I want to be able to speak Japanese, Cantonese fluently. Anyway, last night I tried making okonomiyaki and it turned out good. Just that it somehow reminds me of cucur goreng. Except that for cucur goreng, you deep fry it, no? And to make okonomiyaki, you have to spread the batter evenly on the pan, and wait for quite some time until the bottom is brown-ish or cooked, before you turn it over the other side.

My irregular-shaped okonomiyaki =P Supposed to be circle, I think?

Before I end my post here, let me show you what I found at Woolworth, the supermarket here in Churchill.


For $4.98/kg. Really expensive if you convert AUD to RM. I thought of buying but since I don't have a cleaver, I could only take a picture of the durians.

Till then, buh byeeee..heheheh


~ yus ~ said...

waaa.. can see the double-rainbows.. so beautiful ah! :D

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

beautiful it is. =)


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