Sunday, April 4, 2010

3rd April 2010

Destinations: Cape Schanck (lighthouse tour) & Hastings (deep sea fishing)

We (me, Amir and his housemate Afat) left for Cape Schanck at 8.15 am. Dropped by at College Square at Swanston St. to pick up Amir's gf and her friends Mei and Jun, before heading to St. Kilda, to pick up another friend of his, Nicholas. Afat got his own car, so that makes it 2 cars plus 1 from Clayton.

At Cape Schanck.

Nicholas, Afat, Amir and his girlfriend.

And many years to come.

Nicholas taking pic for the girls Mei and Jun.

Anyway, Cape Schanck was awesome. My first time to a lighthouse. Though not that tall, the view was spectacular. Too bad didn't take many pics up there. I only had my Sony Ericsson since I left my digicam =P

Before heading out.

First time going for deep sea fishing.

Tom (right) and Nathan (left) were our guides.

Nathan preparing the baits - mussels and squids.

Amir and the girlfriend (left), Zaini (centre), Jun and Mei.

After 1 hour or so there, we made our moves to Hastings Western Port. To tell the truth, I wasn't that excited to go. Plus I was kinda sleepy + tired. Hahahaha.

3 of the 6 fishes here were caught by me. These are Whitings. I didn't get the pictures of the Flatheads. Too happy to get a lot of fishes.

My lucky fishing rod =P

But when I was the first to get a catch, I felt so so excited. And I got 2 more after that. Wow!! Total fishes caught = 9 + 3 which had to be released as they were not 21 cm long yet.

Caught by Amir.

But Amir closed the curtain that day with the biggest catch. I don't know what is that fish called. Definitely not Whiting and Flathead. Huhuhu.

FOOD!!!! But ended up finishing them back at Amir's place. Was fun day! XD

The bbq'd lambs. Well cooked. Good job girls =P

Had dinner, nasi beriani, the bbq, ikan bakar LOL and kuah asam. Marvellous, delicious, nice!
Easter break 2010? FUN!

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